What are some powerful financial advisor lead platforms?

The different types of financial advisor lead platforms

There are many different types of financial advisor lead platforms out there on the market today.

Some are better than others, but it really depends on your specific needs and where you are in your practice. For example, a successful advisor may be looking to do more “passive” marketing in which they will be happy if they get 1 new client a year (if that), but are generally happy with the book of business they have.

Some teams and individual advisors are actively growing and tend to take a heavy outbound strategy.

Here are a few different types of lead platforms and what they offer

Financial Advisor Lead Generation Platforms

These platforms help you generate leads by providing you with access to potential clients who are actively seeking financial advice.

It is important to note that these types of leads should be used with caution. The way these work is that you pay for “an interested prospect” with a certain amount of assets. The issue is that it is sent to at least 3 advisors (some claim 3 only, but users have claimed more). Each lead costs around $200, so costs will add up very quickly before seeing any sort of return (if any).

We highly recommend using caution at any point in your business.

Financial Advisor Marketing Platforms

These platforms provide you with the tools and resources you need to market your financial advisory business effectively.

This is one of the areas the Affluensee Financial Advisor Platform falls in to. When it comes to marketing prospects, the most success comes from hitting a pain point or difficulty the prospect faces and to stay away from the generic marketing.

With advisory services so accessible, generic marketing turns a “need to have” into a “nice to have”.

Talk to any colleague, competitor or successful Advisor, they will tell you a different story on how they marketed their services.

The important item to highlight in today’s age is what kind of technology they are using to help make the most of their time and efforts.

There are some good lower cost options out there for contact information and these can be good options if you have existing data and information on your prospects.

Financial Advisor Social Media Platforms

These platforms allow you to connect with potential clients and build relationships through social media.

This is an interesting element to the prospecting process. If you are at a larger firm, there can be a multitude of hoops to jump through in order to post anything media related.

There are entirely too many generic reports put out in social media (LinkedIn comes to mind) that few actually take the time to read.


If your firm controls most of your social media presence and output, this will be a difficult funnel to navigate around.

Regardless, it should go without saying you use each one appropriately and let potential prospects see a glimpse of your personal life.

Financial Advisor Email Marketing Platforms

These platforms allow you to reach potential clients through email marketing campaigns.

Some firms have switched to these types of marketing platforms for their email marketing. It allows you to put them in a list, track sent messages, open rates, etc.

If you have relevant, good content that can raise the interest of a prospect, this a must have to incorporate into your practice.

Again, if you are limited by the content the firm produces, limit the amount of emails you put out to ensure higher open rates, relativity and interest. No one likes to get bombarded by emails.

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