How Top Financial Advisors are Attracting High Net Worth Clients

What do high net worth clients want?

Attracting High Net Worth Clients can be summed up in 1 sentence.

They want to feel like they are your only client!

Think of this every time you are working with a prospect and client and you will win more business than you can handle.

he evolution of the Financial Advisor has changed drastically over the last 20 years. With the introduction of online platforms, digital advisors and low-cost solutions, it makes more fiscal and economical sense to leave this market be.

This does leave an opportunity for Financial Advisors attracting high net worth clients.

If you are looking into expanding your team and portfolio of services, this is a great way to introduce a new Junior Financial Advisor to the team.

Leading with with other items than investing

If your firm offers other services other than Investment management, consider approaching clients with other services. In certain scenarios, it is much easier to sign a new client with another service, do a great job for them, then work on acquiring their investable assets to manage. The individuals we are going to look at have a similiar, but individually complex lives


Giving money is easier than “taking it over”. This is a great option as it gives you everything you need to know about a prospect. Generally speaking, it gives you the opportunity to offer a discount on the mortgage rate if they bring over a portion or the rest of their assets. This is the first piece and arguably the piece of business that creates a “sticky” relationship.

attracting high net worth clients with mortgages

10b-1 Stock Option Plans

There are 2 ways to go about this and both have tremendous upside.

Stock option exercising is a great way to get “money in motion” or assets that are on the move either voluntarily or forced. This gives the prospect and the Financial Advisor a great deal of flexibility in where to deploy it such as.

Creating liquidity for a technically “illiquid” holding is a great option to being the relationship. Chances are, these prospects will need this throughout their professional career. Lending against an asset such as this allows you to be a resource and go-to for others within the same company that have a similiar situation.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are a magnet for attracting high net worth clients and arguably one of the leading ways to earn new assets.

There is a sense of exclusivity, potential for superior % gains and occasional tax benefits to name a few. Having the potential to diversify against traditional markets is a great way for attracting high net worth clients.

Without a due diligence team, it is of the utmost importance to establish a relationship with a set of Private Equity and Hedge Fund’s.


Complex financial planning requires the introduction of family trusts. Ensuring the prospects family are protected against unforeseen disaster, medical expenses and lawsuits.

Use real life stories, cases and items to look out for. This gains the prospects interest and will be at the top of their priority list.

It is also important that trusts are reviewed often for changes, updates to ensure the investments and compliance are all in order.

How do you connect with high net worth individuals?

If you’ve heard this once, you’ve heard it a hundred times. Knowing more about the individual, their profession, job title and their responsibilities will sign a prospect 9 times out of 10.

This takes a lot of dedication, research, good questioning and forecasting on your account. Being genuinely interested will help you uncover opportunities in which may be easily overlooked.

Focus on certain subsets of a profession, then look to hobbies, interests, Alma Mater. This should be someone you have no problem going to dinner with or enjoying a night out together.

Get started attracting high net worth clients

Regardless of where you’re focus is, automating the pipeline and using a platform or platforms to get in front of these individuals is key.

Try out the Affluensee Platform and start using these strategies in scale to win new assets quickly.

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