The 3 Best High Net Worth Prospects Services

Win New Business With These High Net Worth Prospect Ideas

These are the lowest hanging fruit with and are based on Wealth Advisor studies and results. These are the most common services the Forbes 250 Advisors use to secure the wealthiest of clients.

The Best Services To Approach High Net Worth Prospects With result in

  • The highest prospect to client signing and closing rates
  • The largest revenue drivers into your book of business
  • Services that make it hard or difficult to switch
  • Will create the most referral opportunities

Most of you reading this will have access to these services either internally or externally. If you work for larger institution such as, Merrill Lynch, UBS or LPL (to name a few)You will have access to internal experts that you will rely on to close business.

Trust and Estate

This can be a very complex strategy to implement and done improperly can be a disaster. However, it is the top service to implement into your prospecting efforts and is the number 1 best services to approach high net worth prospects with.


67% of individuals and families do not have a Trust and Estate Plan. This is not for the wealthy and ultra-wealthy anymore and there is no reason why an individual or family should go without a plan.

With that said, I want you to think about you in your position today.

Family? Significant others? Investment properties? Assets?

What happens if you were to suddenly pass?

Would your loved ones be taken care of or would it be caught up in the courts with people of the past coming out of the woodwork to lay claim to your stake?

Best Services To Approach High Net Worth Prospects With

Who are the best prospects for Trust and Estate?

The goal is to focus on the individuals and families we know have some commonality which include

  • Complex professions and lives
  • We know has a significant net worth with investable assets
  • Family oriented
  • Receptive to others that are genuine and offer help to them

According to our users closing rates and approaches, Corporate Executives are the most receptive to this approach. They meet all the criteria and are the quickest to sign on as a new client as long as you are able to meet and exceed their pain points.

Alternative Investments

81% of High Net Worth Individuals leverage Alternative Investments in their asset allocations. This is the one of the best services to approach high net worth prospects with and one of the easier product lines to understand.

Why do so many affluent investors invest in Alternative Investments?

  • Exclusivity and being able to invest in something not available to everyone
  • A hedge against traditional markets
  • Potential to have returns far superior than capital markets
  • Invest in a fund that focuses on a very specific type of market

We highly recommend using Alternative Investments as a strategy in our platform. Our prospects have had a recent event where cash is available and for the most part, investable.

This is a prime opportunity to approach them with something unique, or at least pique their interest into having a conversation.

This will be the first part of a long lasting relationship between you and a new prospect. Securing a small piece of business is the first step into rolling over more assets as time progresses

10b5-1 and Stock Option Lending

Many Wealth Advisors probably have never heard of this one or seldom use it. You will commonly see it in the Forbes 250 Top Wealth Advisors list and for good reason, this a great opportunity for 2 reasons.

  1. It give you the ability to lend money as opposed to “taking it”
  2. Stock options can be a significant portion of an individual wealth and may need liquidity or access to it before exercising

Leveraging this as a prospecting method will guarantee that you are a handful of elite Wealth Advisors focusing on such a niche, narrow problem (but a very painful one to the prospects).

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to this category and why it is reserved for the dedicated, but is one of the best services to approach high net worth prospects with.

Performing this service for just 1 client will be an excellent referral source, flow of new assets and opportunity for you and team.

Here Is What You Need To Do Next

Here is the kicker about why these are the 3 best services to approach high net worth prospects with.

All of the prospects on our platform have these potential needs in common, meaning you can pick the focus based on your experience and comfort level.

Leverage the preexisting messages and process included in our platform, along with the thousand of prospects being added each week, and you will see your business grow to the point where you will consider expanding your team.

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