3 Money In Motion Prospects To Help Advisors Win Business… Fast

What is money in motion?

Focusing on this will result in you having your best year yet.

Read on to know why and how to get them.

Simply put, money in motion is the movement of assets by a financial event.

For example, you sell your house and decided to live with your kids.

That illiquid house will become free cash, moving it from one location to another, causing it to be in motion. We will go into more examples below and how to get them.

This is a Financial Advisors best friend.

Go after these prospects.

Money in motion won’t care what type of market it is

When markets are good, you will constantly hear the “All Set” rejection from a prospect.

Why move your money when you are riding the bull wave and your financial advisor looks like a genius?

However, if a prospect has had a money in motion event, then it won’t matter what type of market you are in because their goal will most likely be to live out the rest of their days in comfort.

Money in motion exists in many different areas

Here are the top money in motion events you should focus on and will list the amount of time you should expect it until it pays off.

It is best to have a constant pipeline of these types of events since all will have different time horizons.

IPO | Medium to Long Term

This is potentially the largest pay-day for advisors and prospects.

Early stage employees and founders that have taken risk are paid handsomely on the exit, acquisition or IPO of the company.

Being in the space is competitive as many Investment Banks that pursue underwriting will have that initial relationship.

Sale of Business | Short To Medium Term

The best part about the sale of a business is that this can make your career.

We have seen business owners walk away from anywhere to a couple of million to the 10’s of millions.

The post-business sale is different for each of these individuals and you have the privilege to hear their story and their plans.

One of the largest transfers of wealth will occur with small businesses being either sold or handed down to their children.

This is a great way to position yourself as the expert in life before, during and after a business succession plan has been executed.

Your best course of action will be to focus on

  • M&A Attorneys
  • Contacting Business Owners Directly

Stock Options | Daily Money In Motion

By far the best option for financial advisors looking to win business consistently. While the other 2 are what to be considered home runs, this type of client will clear your annual asset hurdles.

These prospects are net worth qualified meaning you can approach them with such services as

We suggest taking a look at the platform by searching the following

money in motion

Here Is your Money In Motion Prospecting Breakdown

  • 70% money in motion prospecting efforts should be focused on Stock Option Liquidations
  • 20% money in motion prospecting efforts should be focused on Business Owner Sales
  • 10% money in motion prospecting efforts should be focused on Pre-IPO to IPO planning

This is a healthy breakdown as each pipeline will feed into the next. If this was any different, you would burn out or dwindle your marketing budget quickly.

Here is what you should do next

Sign up for the platform free for 3 days.

Start adding prospects to your weekly pipeline.

Start contacting them with the messages that have the highest response, reply and closure rates.

Repeat this for an hour each and every day.

Watch your business grow as long as you follow the steps.

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