About Affluensee

Prospecting is a daunting task. This was built because failure was not an option

Day in and day out, you deal with many variables in the professional environment as well as your personal life. Every moment and drop of resources are precious.

Affluensee was founded on the idea that Wealth Advisors need to have a way to be able always have a qualified pipeline to walk in to every morning.

The platform was able to help raise $50 million in 3 years with no existing clients, network or wealthy family or friends. It was all process driven, contacts automated, and opportunities driven by data.


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Gregory Garone

CEO & Founder

Prospecting for new business is difficult, in any industry you are in. Financial Advisors have one of the most difficult (if not the most) of any industry. Regulatory, company policies and compliance practices all layer the ability to market properly.

I worked at a small brokerage in the midst of one of the worst crashes (housing crisis). It was an awful experience and left a negative outlook and view of an industry I loved.

Fast forward around 6 years, when the larger institutions began to finally get back on their feet (the ones that survived), I received a call from Merrill Lynch looking to bring on new advisors for their Advisor Management Program. I received the itinerary to study for the exams, a sheet with the monthly hurdles on it and basically a “good luck” response.

I had no wealthy family, friends or network I could tap into. My first child was on the way and due the same month my sales hurdles began.

The Affluensee foundation was born. Creating the tools and process needed to flourish in the least amount of time was the goal.

Now it is here for you to leverage.


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The thing I like best about this platform is its simplicity and the ability to help me focus on what I need to do to prospect successfully.

– Stacy M. Ameriprise Financial Advisors

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Our team has grown from 2 to 4 advisors over the course of the year. We brought on 2 Junior Associates that have done very well in marketing and prospecting with the Affluensee Platform.

David L. UBS Private Wealth Management

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