For Wealth Advisors That Prospect To Alternative Investment Leads

Leveraging our Alternative Investment Leads is your opportunity to capture assets from individuals that are looking for unique investments.

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Imagine a daily pipeline of Alternative Investment Leads for you to prospect

Around 50% of investors have an alternative asset in their wealth plan. This makes for a low-hanging fruit for Wealth Advisors that focus on Alternative Investment offerings.

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The Way Wealth Advisors Find New Clients

Earn your first client within the first 3 months or the 4th is free

You work hard for your clients and help plan around some very complex situations. Now, your goal is just to help more of them.

We have you covered.

Alternative Investment Leads

The right information paired with the right message and prospect

Your prospects expect you to know something about them before contacting them. Leverage tested messages that will open up more opportunities for you and your team.

Trust and Estate Leads

You are actively prospecting, but your tools are slowing you down

Affluensee was built for the Advisor that wants to move fast, enjoys having a process built for them. It is not unusual to leverage 3-5 different sources of information from different resources.

Be aware of these types of leads

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You are looking for a new process that works

We have been there, and we have improved the platform based on feedback from our past and current Wealth Advisors. You reap the rewards of thousands of messages, wins and losses.


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The thing I like best about this platform is its simplicity and the ability to help me focus on what I need to do to prospect successfully.

– Stacy M. Ameriprise Financial Advisors

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Our team has grown from 2 to 4 advisors over the course of the year. We brought on 2 Junior Associates that have done very well in marketing and prospecting with the Affluensee Platform.

– David L. UBS Private Wealth Management

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We have had some major shifts in prospecting methods over the last 2 years, this helps me know what I need to show to a prospect.

– Ken N. Merrill Lynch

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I like to know as much as I can about a prospect, and they deserve it. The platform helps me understand how I should be approaching them.

– Jennifer W. New York Life

Why Focus On Alternative Investment Leads?

Alternative Investment options are growing and prospects want to get in front of them. If you are not integrating this into your book of business, you are missing out on some incredible opportunities.

Finding the right Alternative Investment vehicle is not easy for a prospect. There are many types, commitments, costs, structures and strategies Hedge Funds and Private Equity use to deploy capital. There are a portion of these that go unchecked, are newer and fall through the regulatory cracks.

Don’t let your prospect or client go at it alone or they may have an awful experience.

Focusing on Alternative Investment Prospects means you can market to high net worth individuals and potentially earn referrals from other’s in their circle.

Choppy markets means that there are new opportunities outside of the markets traditionally invested by the masses. High inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, emerging markets and technology mean you have the opportunity to earn new assets by bringing prospects new ideas that they may not have even heard of through their current relationship.

The hardest part is list building, prospecting finding and developing a weekly process to get in front of these individuals. You only need to set an hour a day to accomplish a good marketing strategy with the Affluensee Platform.

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