Lead Generation

Merrill Lynch Axes Cold Calling, How Will Financial Advisors Prospect?

The impact of Merrill Lynch’s decision to stop cold calling on financial advisors Merrill Lynch’s decision to stop cold calling has sent shock-waves through the financial advisory industry. Cold calling has long been a key strategy for many financial advisors, … Read More

Top 3 Lead Generation Strategies Used by Successful Financial Advisors

It will always be a numbers game. It’s just a matter of improving those numbers with the right prospects, following up with information related to that prospect (having the data to know what and when to send), having a clear … Read More

Finding Your Perfect Clients: The Top 4 Ways Advisors Identify and Target Prospects

Today‚Äôs investor is more informed than ever about financial planning and services. That means the advisor market is more crowded than ever. To cut through the noise and identify prospects is to refine your pitch and have a smart plan … Read More

Ultimate Guide To Making The Most Of Your Prospecting Efforts

Why should you make the most of your prospecting efforts? Firstly, why should you listen to this? Personally, I was one of the top advisors at a top 5 Wealth Management Firm. I started with ZERO book of business, wealthy … Read More

Financial Advisor Prospect Agenda That Closed $5 Million

Why Having a Prospect Agenda Is Not Negotiable Chances are you reached out to them through a cold call, mailer, email or social media and they like what you have provided them so far. You have been professional, courteous, prompt … Read More

Find Trust and Estate Clients to Add Another $10 million

Why Do You Want to Find Trust and Estate Clients? Simply put, Trust and Estate Clients will stay with you for the long term. It can be complex with many moving parts, lawyers, investment criteria, needs and wishes and potential … Read More

3 Money In Motion Prospects To Help Advisors Win Business… Fast

Focusing on this will result in you having your best year yet. Read on to know why and how to get them. Simply put, money in motion is the movement of assets by a financial event. For example, you sell … Read More

The 3 Best High Net Worth Prospects Services

These are the lowest hanging fruit with and are based on Wealth Advisor studies and results. These are the most common services the Forbes 250 Advisors use to secure the wealthiest of clients. The Best Services To Approach High Net … Read More

How To Become The Next Largest Independent Advisory Firm

Some of the The Largest Independent Advisory Firm’s have grown recently through acquiring of teams, assets and advisors from other firms. This strategy has paid off for some firms, increasing revenue, but also heavily increasing costs, expenses and debt service … Read More