4 Steps Mutual Fund Wholesalers Can Use To Win New Business With Advisors

Here is what the best wholesaler looks like to an advisor

An ally.

The best Fund Wholesalers I have ever worked with genuinely dug up and discovered new ways for me to expand my book of business.

Some have sat in and presented in prospect or client meetings.

Some have helped spot opportunities when I may have missed them.

At the end of the day, they knew I would leverage their funds when the time was appropriate if they put my business and best interests first.

Fund wholesalers are expected to do more and good ones are in short supply.

Also driving up the price is mutual fund firms’ belief that advisers want more than mere peddlers of products. Prudential Investments, for instance, has started a division to help independent advisers market themselves to wealthy clients. Alliance Capital Management of New York helps advisers better understand their balance sheets.

-Investment News

A GREAT fund wholesaler should be a partner to the advisor and you should aim to focus on the Advisors that are actively growing their book of business.

Let’s get into it…

Here’s the best way you can do it

Supply them with prospects they can contact, what to say to them and how your funds can help on the back end!

When you pitch what the fund is set out to accomplish and who is best to invest in it, the story changes.

Advisors know their clients best and they can easily determine who will and will not be a good fit for a particular fund.

The best Alternative Investment funds (when speaking in terms of assets raised) I have ever seen were not great because of their returns, but their exclusivity and story.

1. Determine who best fits your fund

Know or find out what the demographics (Age, location, profession, net worth, etc) of the individuals invested in the fund is.

When you have that, you can start making a list of prospects to provide to the current or new Financial Advisors you want to work with.

2. Get the prospect list put together

I don’t care what you do or use to get those individuals on a sheet and over to an advisor.

But make sure it’s accurate and has the information needed to prospect. This only has to be 5-10 names or so. Its enough to give the Advisor a small taste but also to let them know you are going above and beyond for them.

So you have an idea what we’re talking about, we will put in a plug here for the Affluensee Platform.

Doing this yourself can be very tedious and you need every moment you can spare to focus on your career, family and well-being.

So, we took the heavy lifting out of it for you.

3. Here is the look of the information you SHOULD have

Only you can determine where your fund will be a good fit.

Search or put together your own list using these types of opportunities.

Fund Wholesaler

This will result in thousands of potential opportunities for you to copy, paste and put into a spreadsheet to send over to the Financial Advisor you want to work with.

4. Here is what you say to the Financial Advisor

Hi {First Name},

Saw on your profile you focus on individuals with complex planning needs and put together a few prospects that could possibly be a good fit for you and your team.

There is some information attached to the sheet you could use to help peak their interest.

I have not spoken to them, but I have shared other prospects similar to this with others I do business with and have had great success with this approach.

Let me know what I can do to help and maybe we can discuss ideas to help get you in front of them!


{Your Name}

Who is NOT going to reply, be thankful or realize what you are doing for them?

I sure as hell would and I bet 95% of advisors would appreciate a Fund Wholesaler like this.

5. Get started and you won’t be disappointed

If you do these steps consistently (and i mean daily), you will have your best year yet, probably get promoted or have a team under you.

And guess what?

You can teach them to do all the same steps, so that success will multiply.

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