Get leads with these types of strategies

I once knew a successful advisor that did only seminars on social security and that was it and he was able to get leads from it.

He would invite hundreds of senior citizens, get about 20-30 to show up and give his speech.

It wasn’t the most exciting of seminars, but he was able to get leads regardless.

I knew another successful team with $1 Billion under management that was an “referral only” team. This meant that they were receiving referrals from their current clients and probably anything that came into the branch.

There was another successful team that targeted only 1 company to executives with stock options!

There was another fairly successful team that made a connection with a sports agent and would help guide the players when they signed on to a professional hockey team.

For myself and others, we used targeted calling to get leads.

I would primarily target individuals and companies we wanted to work with and became successful doing so.

This should inspire you to hyper focus your efforts into an area that you enjoy being around or working with but make sure that these individuals are qualified net worth wise before pursuing.

Get leads for financial advisors

Determine your comfort level in each environment

Personally, I did not have much comfort giving talks in front of large groups and did not get leads this way.

I would get distracted and lose focus on occasion. After coming to that realization, I would bring in various professionals to help talk about the subject matter or presentation topic.

However, these occasionally proved to be frustrating due to the coordinating, compliance approvals, varying turnout rates, individuals taking advantage of free dinners and lunches etc.

Being comfortable in uncomfortable positions is important in your growth but it also has to have some upside to it.

Dedicate and expand on the way that works for you

Your priorities might change over time and so will the way you generate leads.

You may determine that at a certain point you have more fun and enjoyment taking small groups of people out to golf or trap shoot or whatever interests are shared.

Whatever is working for you and bringing in new assets, invest more into it.

Write out the steps and systems you use that way you can bring people to hit the ground running instead of wasting time repeating yourself and having to constantly re-teach.

Do more seminars and educational subject matter, hire more people to help you do your targeted calling, invest in a prospect database to help you find qualified individuals.

Ask for money from your branch manager or firm to support these activities.

Explain every dollar invested so far has returned 7-10x and you would like to multiply those efforts and make an impact on your career.

Here is the highest return on your efforts

Minute for minute, targeted calling and messaging is going to have the highest return on your time and money.

Finding and locating them might be a different story, but in today’s wonderful age of information technology, we can generally locate individuals and access their contact info.

The best part about this is that your competition comes in and aimlessly walks through the day, focusing on tasks that are not revenue producing.

They may make a couple LinkedIn Requests, have lunch then go home early.

Committing at least a 1-2 hours to focus on prospecting will put you ahead of 99% of advisors in your cohort.

You wonder why there is such a high failure rate in this field?

It’s because it is 99% sales with the majority of the actual investing being allocated to third party or internal portfolio managers.

If 95% of your day isn’t free to prospect and your finding yourself constantly tied down to meaningless tasks, then you need to spend the time developing the systems to free up your time.

Determine your hourly rate than ask yourself, is this task worth it or should I delegate it?

Try doing this next

Save yourself the time and try leveraging our process to market to prospects.

In an hours time, you should be able to at least identify, reach out and connect to approximately 20 prospects .

That is where you should start and aim to build off of.

Similar to working out, you wouldn’t come in and try to squat or bench press 500 pounds without any warm ups, experience or plan. You would start off with 100, then 110 the week after and so forth.

If you want to grow and acquire assets consistently, dedicate at least 1 uninterrupted, cell-phone free hour to accomplish this.

You will naturally be able to add more in that hours time through muscle memory, then you will add another hour and double those efforts, doubling your assets and prospect meetings.

You get the point.

If you want to try doing this real-time, sign up below for a free trial.

As always, we like to talk to you prior to signing on to see what’s currently working and not working for you, then identify how we can help.

Cheers to your success.

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