Find Trust and Estate Clients to Add Another $10 million

Why Do You Want to Find Trust and Estate Clients?

Simply put, Trust and Estate Clients will stay with you for the long term. It can be complex with many moving parts, lawyers, investment criteria, needs and wishes and potential special needs.

Having trust and estate clients means you get to know them on a deeply personal level.

You will have the ability to ask deep questions in which it is in their best interest to explain and answer.

You have the ability to design a plan that will best suit their needs and help relieve the stresses associated with developing a plan.

The market size of the Trusts & Estates industry in the US has grown 3.0% per year on average between 2017 and 2022. While this does not sound like a hugely growing market, remember that the net worth of these prospects are generally in the affluent range.

Find Trust and Estate Clients

The Top Placed To Find Trust and Estate Clients

Use a combination of the following efforts to improve the pipeline of Trust and Estate Client potential. We listed these starting with with the fastest results and ending with longer term strategies.

Prospect Databases With This Niche Focus

Focus on corporate executives with money in motion.

This is the easiest, lowest hanging fruit that you can market to.

But why?

These individuals have complex lives, careers and family lives. Generally speaking, they are net worth qualified meaning they are able to access investment vehicles such as Alternative Investments, Trust and Estate and unique types of lending services.

They leverage professionals to help build and protect their assets and well-being and aim to leave nothing to chance in the event of a personal health issue.

There are some good databases of individuals today and we have found that some of the more well-known names require you use 2-4 different ones in order to get the data you need to prospect to Trust and Estate Clients.

We just ask that you use caution when using these types of leads.

Estate Planning Attorneys

It is important to have centers if influence and referral sources in the field.

Here is the key when assembling a team of others to funnel business back and forth to.

Do business with people you can associate with, share hobbies, vacations and dinners with. Do not do business with someone you can’t stand or have difficulty getting along with.

Focus on professionals that are in the same stage of business as you.

If you are growing and actively prospecting, then find an attorney that is doing the same.

Don’t allow this to become a one way street.

Educate Special Needs Organizations

Educate, educate, educate.

Focus on groups that are important to you or have some experience or exposure to (maybe you are currently involved to some capacity with it).

Do pro-bono consultations 1:1 or with small intimate groups.

Remember this is purely an educational opportunity. You will ruin your reputation if you decide to focus purely on sales and overwhelming the individuals that are listening to you.

Put together an educational seminar over the course of 3 months speaking about some of the items they should look for when designing a special needs trust.

Bring in your Estate Planning Attorney to help go over some of what they do and how it works in tandem.

Most do not know these types of trusts even exist.

Here Is What You Can Do Now To Find Trust and Estate Clients

Plan the next 3 months out of the prospecting efforts you are going to put together.

  1. Contact local special needs organizations and offer your services. They can potentially put out a bulletin or email to their members saving you time and effort on contacting them.
  2. Take out your identified center of influences out for something you enjoy doing. Talk about everything but business. Enjoy their company and build a relationship with them.
  3. Take an hour a day and use the databases mentioned or the Trust and Estate Lead Prospects within the Affluensee Platform to start Finding Trust and Estate Clients and Prospects.
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