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Leads designed for advisors that want to win new business…faster

Save time in identifying High net worth prospects with significant money in motion events. Get there before your competition does.

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Instant lead identification

Our platform identifies actionable ‘money in motion’ events, enabling you to engage with highly motivated prospects with complex financial planning needs

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Automate your strategy

Streamline your outbound marketing efforts through intelligent automation, allowing you to allocate time to more high value tasks

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Opportunity alerts

Receive timely alerts for high-net worth opportunities, ensuring you can act swiftly and capitalize on moments that matter and capture assets quickly

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Our process

Starting with targeted industry research, we employ custom data algorithms to mine and qualify leads from a variety of reliable sources. These leads are then segmented and compiled into ready-to-use lists, allowing for streamlined, targeted outreach that can be easily integrated into your existing CRM or marketing tools

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Data Mining

We pull data from 100+ locations

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We automate and manually review the prospects data

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Ensure the prospects data is accurate and always up to date



Get notified when new prospects enter the platform

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the lead platform that finds money in motion prospects

Prospects are 32% more likely to have a discussion with an advisor after after a financial event. You do a great job for the clients you have, now its time to find more.

Affluent clients present more opportunities for upselling additional premium services.

A consistent influx of affluent leads can guide the strategic growth and positioning of your practice

The substantial assets of high net worth clients can lead to larger, long-term advisory contracts.

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Our plans

Straightforward pricing plan for financial advisors and firms. Get the tools you need at a cost that makes sense for your practice

Solo Advisor


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Unlimited access to the database, no limit on contacts, consistently updated every day with new leads

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For teams that collaborate on focusing on high net worth clients and move together as one

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per advisor

A firm license can go a long way in growing the bottom line and provide the highest ROI

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Latest Knowledge

By mastering effective prospecting strategies, advisors can tap into a wealth of opportunities, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality leads and clients. Explore our insights to accelerate your growth, enhance client relations, and secure your position as a top-tier advisor in the industry.