The Financial Advisor Lead Platform That Acquires New Clients

The Prospect Database that helps you Acquire New Clients over $1m, keeps your pipeline full and become the top Financial Advisor in your firm

how advisors acquire new clients

Data and Triggers That Helps You Get In Front of The Right Prospects

Close more clients by knowing what they’ll need. Leverage our past sales data, closed clients and customer behavior to know what service or product they will be most likely to sign on with.

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Improved Targeting Of High Net Worth Prospects

Predictive triggers based on past successes allow Financial Advisors and their teams to target prospects more effectively, rather than wasting time and resources on leads that are unlikely to convert.

3x-5x Increase in New Assets Under Management

An hour a day is all you need. By knowing more about a potential client, you can provide more personalized and valuable solutions, which can improve the customer experience and build long-term relationships.

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Our Platform Separates You From Every Other Financial Advisor

Identify prospects pain points and needs as they happen. Our platform helps you gain valuable research and to know something about the potential client. This helps build trust and establish yourself as a credible and knowledgeable partner.

Who Is This Wealth Management Prospecting Tool For?

It’s not for everyone. This is for the Advisor that wants to make the most of their prospecting time. No more list building, name gathering, referral asking or empty pipelines. If you are focusing on qualified prospects, The Affluensee Wealth Management Prospecting Tool will help you to acquire new clients.

What kind of prospects are in the platform?

Mainly, they are individuals with busy lives, are in the corporate space and have investable cash available. This allows them to be more receptive to your outreach, ideas and a meeting.

How do you find these prospects?

We build out prospect profiles which help identify information we can use to find prospects that are most likely to use Trust and Estate, Alternative Investments, Lending, Stock Option Planning and Family Office Planning.

What kind of assets should I expect to win over the course of a year?

Every advisor and prospect is different. We have seen Advisors win anywhere from 1-3 new clients every 3 months depending on their level of prospecting. Asset averages total around $3 million for every 3 clients.


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The thing I like best about this platform is its simplicity and the ability to help me focus on what I need to do to acquire new clients.

– Stacy M. Ameriprise , $4.5m in New Assets

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Our team has grown from 2 to 4 advisors over the course of the year. We brought on 2 Junior Associates that have done very well in marketing and prospecting with the Affluensee Platform.

– David L. UBS Private Wealth , $6m In New Assets

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We have had some major shifts in prospecting methods over the last 2 years, this helps me know what I need to show to a prospect.

– Ken N. Merrill Lynch, $8.5m in New Assets

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I like to know as much as I can about a prospect, and they deserve it. The platform helps me understand how I should be approaching them.

– Jennifer W. New York Life, $3.5m In New Assets

The Way Wealth Advisors Find New Clients

Earn your first client within the first 3 months

You work hard for your clients and help plan around some very complex situations. Now, your goal is just to help more of them.

We have you covered.

Keep a Full Pipeline

Wake up and have new prospects to market to each and every day

Acquire New Clients

We had 1 outcome in mind, to provide you the tools to win new assets

Boost Team Efforts

Have junior associates get into revenue generating production quickly

Messages That Win

Use our high percentage messages or use our ideas to create your own

You need to know the right information in order to make the right connection

Your prospects expect you to know something about them before contacting them. Affluensee is how you find the ideal clients for financial advisors.

We have it all laid out for you.

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You are actively prospecting, but your tools are slowing you down

Affluensee was built for the Advisor that wants to move fast, acquire new clients and focus on prospects with complex planning needs.

Be aware of these types of leads

You need a new process that works

We have been there, and we have improved the platform based on feedback from our past and current users. You reap the rewards of thousands of messages, wins and losses.

How we came up with the process

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