How Wealth Advisors Acquire New Clients

Finding the right prospects is a full time job. You want to create more time for you. The Affluensee Platform is for the Wealth Advisor that wants to acquire more assets in a 1/3 of the time.

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Finally, a platform designed to help Wealth Advisors prospect

Our mission was simple, to design a platform for Advisors that target high net worth prospects.

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Keep a Full Pipeline

Wake up and have new prospects to market to each and every day

Earn New Business

We had 1 outcome in mind, to provide you the tools to win new assets

Boost Team Efforts

Have junior associates get into revenue generating production quickly

Messages That Win

Use our high percentage messages or use our ideas to create your own

The Way Wealth Advisors Find New Clients

Earn your first client within the first 3 months or the 4th is free

You work hard for your clients and help plan around some very complex situations. Now, your goal is just to help more of them.

We have you covered.

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You need to know the right information to make a solid connection

Your prospects expect you to know something about them before contacting them. Affluensee is how you find the ideal clients for financial advisors.

We have it all laid out for you.

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You are actively prospecting, but your tools are slowing you down

Affluensee was built for the Advisor that wants to move fast, enjoys having a process built for them

Be aware of these types of leads

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You need a new process that works

We have been there, and we have improved the platform based on feedback from our past and current users. You reap the rewards of thousands of messages, wins and losses.

How we came up with the process


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The thing I like best about this platform is its simplicity and the ability to help me focus on what I need to do to prospect successfully.

– Stacy M. Ameriprise Financial Advisors

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Our team has grown from 2 to 4 advisors over the course of the year. We brought on 2 Junior Associates that have done very well in marketing and prospecting with the Affluensee Platform.

– David L. UBS Private Wealth Management

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We have had some major shifts in prospecting methods over the last 2 years, this helps me know what I need to show to a prospect.

– Ken N. Merrill Lynch

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I like to know as much as I can about a prospect, and they deserve it. The platform helps me understand how I should be approaching them.

– Jennifer W. New York Life